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iRed200 Interaktive Whiteboard


We brought iRed 200 to the market to make interactivity accessible to all.
Economical and easy to use, iRed 200 is able to interact with all existing software on the market.
Providing high resolution, immediate response it allows the recognition of pen, finger or pointer.
Say goodbye to CD’s, downloads and drivers.
Simply connect your computer or laptop and calibrate.
And as maintenance is a key aspect of an Interactive Whiteboard we innovated and re-designed the entire maintenance system to insure a quick access to it. 


Wo kaufen


  • Extrem einfach zu bedienen     
  • Plug & amp; Spielen     
  • CE- und FCC-zertifiziert     
  • Hochpräzise Infrarot-Technologie     
  • Multitouch - 4 Berührungspunkte (Windows)     
  • weißes Melanin auf der Spanplattenoberfläche     
  • Aluminium und Kunststoffrahmen     
  • geringer Stromverbrauch     
  • HUBING NOTES Annotation Software, USB & Wandmontagekit enthalten
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