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New Bi-Office Catalogue with products in Augmented Reality


Bi-Office will launch its 2014 Products Catalog, which will have several products available in augmented reality (AR) duly identified by a logo that triggers the experience.
The AR is a technology that allows you to enable several digital contents on almost any element that surrounds us (objects, symbols, images, logos…), simply through an iphone or android system, giving us the possibility to "zoom in" the relationship between us and the reality.
There are several advantages in using this technology, being the most evident the drastic reduction of the distance between the brands, their products/services and the customer.
The application consists in software solutions which provide two or three-dimensional recognition services, as well as managing multimedia contents.

How does it work?
The operation logic is very simple, just download our free App and point to the identification element with the Bi-Office’s AR logo.

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