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Termos e Condições

I.P. Supply Agreement

1. This agreement is between Bisilque SGPS S.A. & from now on known as Client.

2. Under this agreement Bisilque SGPS S.A. claims full Copyright of all images, brands & registered designs under its ownership that are supplied for use by Client, its subsidiaries and associates.

3. Client agrees that all supplied material is accurately & faithfully translated and indemnifies Bisilque SGPS S.A. against any failure & subsequent claim in this regard.

4. Images may not be altered in any respect other than size.

5. Client agrees that all business derived from the usage of printed or electronic material supplied will exclusively and directly benefit Bisilque SGPS S.A.

6. In the event of irresolvable breach, Client agrees to remove all web images owned by Bisilque SGPS S.A. within 30 days of receiving formal request.

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