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Bi‑Office is a wide range of Visual Communication tools used for writing, displaying, planning and signaling available in wall mount, freestanding and mobile versions for equipping all types of workspaces (including those at home).

Because of the continued investment, Bi‑silque has been developing innovative specialized solutions that truly help people communicate, in schools, in corporations, in the factory floor, at the hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and last but not least at home. These solutions bring people together to work better in teams, to be more creative and collaborative. Created in 1998, Bi‑Office quickly became one of the most important motors of Bi‑silque’s growth, supplying to over 80 countries, spread across 5 continents, and keeps on growing.

Developing solutions beyond boards

Bi‑Office solutions stand out for their diverse offering to meet everyone's needs in terms of design, materials and functionality, including in the C2C certified ecological range.

Expertise in design

Product quality

Multi in functional