1. Are all dry wipe boards magnetic?

1.1. It is all about the surface you choose for your whiteboard. The vast majority of whiteboards are magnetic, especially if we are talking about dry wipe boards with a lacquered steel or a ceramic surface. Melamine whiteboards, on the other hand, do not have magnetic properties. So, make sure you check all the product specifications before buying your dry wipe board.

2. Are all magnetic writing boards the same in terms of writing and magnetic quality?

2.1. No, they are not. Ceramic and glass are the best surfaces when it comes to writing quality. The magnetic intensity of the board is often related to the thickness of the surface, and has usually ceramic more magnetic strength than lacquered steel. However, all depends on the magnets you choose to use with it. For high magnetic quality, you should choose extra-strong magnets.

3. The magnetic quality of the board changes whether it is in aluminium frames or wood frames?

3.1. The magnetic quality of a writing board is solely related to its surface. The frame’s material only concerns each user’s aesthetic preferences.

4. What is melamine?

4.1. Melamine whiteboards are among the economic solutions. This is nothing more than a durable plastic added to a paper base. That is why this surface may need to be replaced sooner when compared with other types of surface. However, this is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a whiteboard for light usage.

5.What’s the difference between lacquered steel and ceramic surfaces?

5.1. Both lacquered steel and ceramic are magnetic surfaces. Although lacquered steel is a cost-effective solution and easy to clean, this surface is recommended for light to medium use in the office. Ceramic is a non-porous and a high-quality surface. It does not scratch or stain, which means it is easier to get perfectly clean. This surface is ideal for the education sector and everyday office use.

6. Can I start using my whiteboard right away?

6.1. We recommend always you to wipe the board surface before using our boards for the first time. You can use our cleaning spray across the surface of the board and wipe it lightly with our erasers or cleaning tissues. Before you start writing on the board, make sure the surface is completely dry.

7. How do I remove stains from my whiteboard?

7.1. Every whiteboard comes with cleaning instructions to maintain the best performance of your board. Besides, Bi‑Office has a variety of accessories, such as erasers, cleaner spray and cleaning tissues to help you remove ink and dirt without damaging the board surface. This last recommendation is valid every time you use our writing boards.

8. What should I do if we need to order certain parts?

8.1. If your product is missing some spare parts or if they are damaged in any way, you can order more. In order to do that, you need to contact your supplier or our Customer Service support and they will guide you from then on.

9. Can I order directly from you?

9.1. As a manufacturer, Bi‑Office cannot sell directly to the end user, only to suppliers. However, we have been developing a long network of dealers and representatives across the world, to make it easier to the end consumer to get Bi‑Office products. And if you need any help discovering the right supplier for you, we will be glad to give you that information upon contact.

10. What should I do if I received the wrong product?

10.1. If you received the wrong product, you should contact your supplier directly. This is the fastest way to solve your problem. In case you do not receive any answer, you can contact our Customer Service support, indicating your order number and the SKU’s involved. We will do our best to help you with the process.

11. Does Bi‑silque create customised boards?

11.1. Bi-silque believes that certain areas require tailor-made solutions, totally adjusted to customers’ specific needs. That is why we created a web tool to facilitate the process. If you are already a Bi‑Office customer, you can have direct access to the tool here If you are a new customer, when clicking the tab, you will need to register first and wait for the confirmation email. Only then you will be able to access our web tool and start creating the whiteboard that fulfils your needs.

12. Are Bi‑Office Flipchart Pads recycled and recyclable?

12.1. All Bi‑Office Flipchart pads can (and should be) recycled, however only those included in our eco-friendly range EARTH are made from recycled paper or from materials obtained in sustainable forests. Even so, all our products and production process fulfills the most demanding EU criteria, guaranteeing professional quality with the minimum environmental impact.

13. Do Bi‑Office Products have any relevant certifications?

13.1. Yes, many of our products have different and important product certifications, and you can find the corresponding certification icons or logos in each certified product page.

If you have more questions about our products, please contact us here.